Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This memoir started in a very interesting fashion with details of Boormans early life with his parents,his start with the BBC and the early private TV channels in the UK.

The BBC model may have been very staid and run like any government department but it did give people time to develope thier talents. He made documentary series and found success with these.

Unfortunately, the rest of the book is a film diary , where he details all the problems associated with making his various films. Sadly all we get is the problems, Boorman admits to a depressive personality, so we never see any elation or even any real satisfaction in what he creates.

He details a friendship that developes with Lee Marvin which lasts until his death, but once again we only have Marvin as the alcoholic. The same with James Dickey, the author of Deliverance , we have a list of his problems and his behaviour while drunk.

What started out as quite an enlightening read became bloody depressing as it stumbled from one " oh my " moment to the next.

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