Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REDEEMING FEATURES A Memoir - Nicholas Haslam

As the reviewer in the Literary Review said Haslam can name drop for the Olympics.

Haslam is a British socialite and interior designer who is of that time and place,upper class, someone who has met lots of people.

Unfortunately we are treated to page after page of names he met here there and every where, it just gets tedious.

Gore Vidal is someone similar who has met everyone, but Vidal can write and gives some insight to those he has cross paths with, that makes a difference.

There is no real salacious gossip, Haslam says he had a brief affair with Anthony Armstrong-Jones (denied) ,well, really who cares to be honest.

This had the chance to really give us a 'slice of time; piece here - the 60's especially - but instead its more name after name and though his sexuality has nothing to do with things the entire thing come across very 'queenie'.


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