Thursday, March 31, 2011

A DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF TIME : Vol 12 Hearing Secret Harmonies

Twelve volumes, 2979 pages, approximately one million words and over three hundred different characters. And I can say I enjoyed every bit of this experience.

The story starts post WWI at a English public school and ends when the main characters are in late middle age ( mid 70's).

The reader has followed marriages, divorces, suicides and numerous affairs. Our characters have built business's ,lost careers, enjoyed great financial success and been wiped out due to various circumstances.

All just like in real life. There was nothing that occurred in this sequence that would not have happened to numerous persons who lived through this time.

Powell has made them come alive, just ordinary people really, with his sharp dialogue and acute observation of us humans.

This has been one of the highlights of anything I have ever read, and I know at some stage I will read it again. The 12 volumes are to be seen as one book and must be read in order. Fantastic.

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