Friday, December 30, 2011


During a fire in Los Angeles a corpse is located in a house when the Fire department are trying evacuate the residents. In the hands of the corpse is a photo album showing the bodies of seven murder victims.

Of those victims one person has been charged but on evidence supplied by PI Elvis Cole this suspect walked free.

So now Cole has to find the killer or live with the fact that he may have contributed to the deaths of further victims.

A good Elvis Cole novel, together with his partner Joe Pike they set out to solve the problem.

This is darker and more gruesome, not as flippant and humorous as earlier books in the series but good value for money.

Crais is probably the best American writing in this genre at the moment (apologies to James Lee Burke though while brilliant has gone off the boil a bit) and he never disappoints . (Published 2008)

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