Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ELEGY FOR APRIL - Benjamin Black

Number three of the Quirke Dublin mysteries.

Quirke's daughter's friend April goes missing.   April,a member of the powerful and wealthy Latimer family , a family from which she is estranged.

The cone of silence from the family due to their fear of scandal regarding the disappearance causes much hindrance to the police's and Quirke's investigation. An investigation that eventually finds much more than risk of scandal.

Quirke manages to unravel the secrets and lies that have been concocted over the disappearance as well as getting himself involved with a young actress, an affair that does nothing to assist in his attempts to stay sober.

Wonderful writing, as in the previous two novels, again, very dark but that's what the author is wanting to portray and he's does it very well.

Read the stories in order or it will get a wee bit confusing. (Published 2010)

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