Monday, February 27, 2012

DIRTY STORY - Eric Ambler

Arthur Simpson, man without a country is trying desperately to get a passport, any passport,the country is of no consequence. To do this he needs cash, so he is hired to make a pornographic movie but that  goes pear shaped.

After his directing debut he finds himself on a ship hiding but he still has no passport. On board thanks to the fact that he is an inveterate liar he signs a contract to fight with a band of mercenaries in a African back water that is hoping to realise great mineral wealth.

So, even though our hero is a loser, liar and not a very nice person he manages to land on his feet, if not entirely squarely.

Eric Ambler does not write dull stuff, this isn't one of his best works but its pure entertainment from the start, if you are lucky enough to find it at a garage sale, grab it. (Published 1967)

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