Sunday, February 12, 2012

THE FIRST RULE - Robert Crais

A 'Joe Pike' novel featuring Elvis Cole on the periphery this time.

The Pike novels are turning out to be excellent fantasy, very violent with a plausible plot.

A ex- military contractor friend of Pike's is murdered in an apparent random home invasion burglary. Not only do they kill the friend but his wife and babies as well.

Pike sets out to avenge these killings and to clarify to himself whether or not his mate was involved in any crime.

His investigation leads to two very nasty Serbian gang leaders involved in a feud.

One thing about 'Joe Pike' if he has a gun to a person's head and threatens to shoot if he's not supplied the information there's no mucking about, he just shoots you, he doesn't do too much debate.

Excellent crime fantasy with a colossal body count. Always recommended (Published 2010)

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