Thursday, February 2, 2012


Ed Cauthorne is quietly selling vintage  cars when two mafia enforcers walk in and make him the classic 'offer that can't be refused.'

Cauthorne, a retired stuntman,  believes he is responsible for the death of the 'god son' of a senior Mafioso, who it now appears has risen from the dead after two years. 

With some heavy handed coercion they want Ed to travel to Singapore to recover information that the 'god son' has stolen.  They need Ed to go as they believe the recently risen Angelo will only deal with him.

'Singapore Wink is another classic Thomas tale of betrayal, deceit and the normal humour. This is much more of a romp than some of his other work with some very camp characters and an outlandish scenario.

As stated before you will never be disappointed by the late lamented Ross Thomas. (Published 1969)

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