Saturday, February 4, 2012

TAKEN - Robert Crais

This is a departure from the normal Elvis Cole / Joe Pike story in that it is told in a non linear fashion, chapter jumping between characters and back in forth in time.

The basic plot is two teenagers have been kidnapped by 'bajadores' -bandits- that kidnap illegal immigrants and demand ransom from their families. If the monies are not paid they are murdered. Cole is hired to recover these two and ends up being kidnapped himself. Which results in Joe Pike being unleashed.

As a plot its pretty basic and if the story was linear it would be very ordinary but the time shifting and having separate chapters from the view point of several characters works. There are even chapters from the point of view of the victims.

The mode of story telling builds tension nicely right up to the very violent ending.

A good book recommended highly for fans and the casual reader alike.
(Published 2012)

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