Saturday, March 3, 2012


The first volume of memoirs from the author of 'A Dance To The Music Of Time".

It covers his life from birth until he leaves Oxford.

It's not a riveting read but ambles along in a very gentle fashion, it is especially interesting regarding his schooling at Eton. The talent that was there when he was a pupil was amazing, the  most famous being George Orwell (Eric Blair when he was there).

Like "A Dance...." this volume is  a capture of a period of time, a time that few were privileged enough to experience, although Powell did not himself come from an exceptionally wealthy background.

There are no real clues to who were the original templates for his great novel's characters , he explains they are all composites of several people he met. You can see however that his early education covered here is pretty thoroughly reproduced in the first volumes of 'Dance".

It's an interesting read. (Published 1976)

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