Friday, March 9, 2012

PRAGUE FATALE - Phillip Kerr

This is a stunner. Kerr takes us back to 1941 where Bernie is installed as Heydrich's personal body guard and house detective.

Heydrich is now the 'ruler' of Bohemia and Moravia and is busy planning a more efficient way of 'eliminating' the Jewish population.

Just after Bernie is installed as pet detective one of Heydrich's adjutants is murdered in his room. This gives the reader a locked room mystery as the core of the story. There are also side shows involving Czech terrorists and Bernie's latest love interest.

Of the six stories I have read in this series this is by far the best. The main positive is the author has had the courage to go back in time and not continue with the post war stories, a couple of which in my opinion were a bit thin.

Along with a good mystery we have more of the sickening history of Nazism, with many of the characters being real people.

And to cap it off the book has one of the best first pages I have ever read.
A very good story indeed. (Published 2011)

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