Sunday, April 22, 2012

LAIDLAW - William McIlvanney

Supposedly the inspiration for the television detective "Taggart", a tough no nonsense Glaswegian, fighting crime in his cities mean streets.

I admit I just about tossed this in the first 30 pages , it was dull but I persevered and was rewarded with a really good read.  Smoldering is how I would describe the story, you know who the killer is from page one, you know its going to end in tears but you have this great trip among all these really interesting characters. 

A young girl has been raped and murdered and its a race between the police and the underworld who gets to the killer first.

There is no contriving in the plot, its just a solid procedural , great dialogue,  the Scots accented writing might be a bit hard if you aren't use to it , but if you've ever met a 'jock' from Glasgow you'll see how authentic it all is.

Excellent and highly recommended.   (1977)

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