Monday, June 18, 2012

CAPONE - John Kobler

This is a dossier on Chicago gangsters from the late 1920's until Capone's death.

It is full of fascinating information, the most amazing being the wealth that Capone accumulated through being the gangster's gangster.  It was costing him 30 million a year just to buy off the police and judiciary , but it was money well spent as he was never touched.

Another interesting point was he was never  in the Mafia, he was just a  force of nature all on his own.  He worked with the mafia but they came to him as he was the power in Chicago.

The book has details obtained from the 'horses mouth' as it were, the book was published in 1971 so the author had the opportunity to speak with many who were in the rackets at the time the book is set.

Two things were re-iterated to me at the end of the book - prohibition was the most outrageously stupid piece of legislation passed any where at anytime by any legislature, no argument, and men will do anything for money, you can have all the standards and laws in the world but when money is on offer men will grab it with both hands.

The best book I've read on organised crime . (1971)

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