Thursday, June 21, 2012

DEAD LIKE YOU - Peter James

Two series of violent rapes separated by a decade are too co-incidental for Superintendent Grace to ignore, this coupled with a young woman who he believes has been murdered by the rapist set the scene for this murder mystery that's not too bad, but it needs editing, it's way to long.

It's a bit graphic regarding the raping of the victims, I must be getting old but too much detail adds bugger all to the plot.

James can write and his plot is  about 80%, maybe we could have done without a couple of the red herrings as its fairly evident whose the killer is about half way though but like I say the writings good so I wanted to get to the end where there is a surprise so the story doesn't just fade away.

But again too long, the plot can't justify 600 pages.

This series is one I've just found and  I'll read more of them.

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