Sunday, June 17, 2012


The premise of this is that Britain has declined culturally and morally etc with the decline in standard of the Bond books from the beginning the series until its end.

The idea is pretty thin, but then many of these cultural history's tend to be, i.e having a basic idea and then the author is off on his hobby horse and mentions his premise every couple of chapters to justify it.

This is awful, truly awful, 291 pages of  left wing carping by the author .  Even for lefty writing this is dreadful.


" The Royal Marines monument in the Mall in London stands in for many others in its casual savagery, with its bronze relief of the 1900 attack on Tientsin, showing a seemingly helpless Chinese being run through with a bayonet while most of his colleagues flee in a cowardly way. Clearly there is something immensely violent and callous about the British Government..........."

Utter rubbish, no bibliography, nothing, just undergraduate ,chip on the shoulder, dross.

This is awful, on Amazon I'll give it one star ,only because that's as low as you can go.

And as for Bond, he rarely gets a mention, just thrown in to justify the title. 

This is that bad that the Russians would have had second thoughts about it being read at the height of the Cold War - it is the sort of anti -west propaganda they loved but they would have had second thoughts about exposing young minds to this. (Published 2006)

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