Monday, October 15, 2012

FEARLESS JONES - Walter Mosely

...Paris Minton is minding his own business -  a small used bookstore of which he is the proud owner- when a beautiful walks in and asks a few questions.....

From this we get a very stupid story-  Paris gets beaten up, slept with, shot at, robbed and his store is burnt down and it goes on for over 300 pages.

Mosely has gone away from his 'Easy Rawlins' series and started this - incidentally the person named in the title is Paris's best friend and apart from being able to take a punch he is a complete dolt - after finishing the book I could still see no point in having 'Fearless" in it.

Mosely is normally good, with a finger on the era he writes best about - the L.A of the 1950's from the point of his black hero's - but he missed the mark here really badly.(2001)

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