Thursday, May 16, 2013


Murder in the Outer Hebrides. A former local arrives to help solve the crime and confront his past,but its much better than this cliche sounds.

My only real complaint is that this is obviously the first of a trilogy and was planned as such and as such we have a huge back story placing all the characters in their place. The mystery is a cheat as well as there is no way the reader could have any chance of solving the murder by clues alone. But the ending is a ripper. Just when you thought things couldn't get anymore sordid they do.

The author has a background in television and knows how to set a piece. The characters are pretty one dimensional but his description of a landscape and the character's surroundings are superb. He writes pictures which I love.

This is a bleak sad story set in a bleak harsh place, populated by unfulfilled lives but it is a book you have to read if you want to complete the set - I do, so it is time well spent.

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