Thursday, January 9, 2014


This is brilliant until the last two pages where I found I had no idea what had happened.

Jack Holderness nicknamed Wilderness is a burglar recruited by MI6 to follow his profession for them.

He is posted to post World War II Berlin where he becomes a major black marketeer while carrying on his intelligence duties.

This is a great historical novel with the author explaining what is actual history and what is fabricated for the sake of the novel.  Lawton does this as a postscript at the completion of the book.

The story is exciting with spies from Russia, the USA and the UK all involved in the tense post war atmosphere. 

And then you get to the end of the book and it ends and I had no idea what had happened, absolutely none. 

It is truly bizarre, it ends and well it ends.  Hopefully this will carry onto a series and I get some explanation as to the ending of this.  It is not a "Troy" novel although characters from that series do appear.

This is a typical Lawton, well researched, interesting characters but the ending, very strange, it honestly felt to me that someone type setting has made a horrendous mistake or deliberately had some fun.

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