Sunday, January 26, 2014

WILD TALES - Graham Nash

From starting The Hollies with Alan Clarke to moving to the States and hooking up with David Crosby this is a first hand account of a rock life.

There are lots of details and its all very honest, Nash takes the blame where he has erred in personal and business relationships and apportions it to others where he thinks they are at fault. Lots of women and drugs, huge amounts, vast quantities of both it is rock and roll so its to be expected.

Its written in the first person with the dictated and typed feel, which isn't a bad thing , my only complaint is that there are several portions of the book where a journalist may have gone a bit deeper and given the readership more detail.  For me the influence unions had on life in the UK in the 1950's was one area I would have liked some more written, but it covers 70 years of a life so I suppose something had to give.

The forming of CSN  and eventually Y and then not Y is pivotal to his life and has had a bearing on everything since.  The song creation process is explained, explained in a ridiculously simple fashion which makes it seem ridiculously easy which of course it is not.

Tales of performing at Woodstock, Crosby's crack addiction, falling outs and falling in's with Stills and Young, its all here but when the dust settles these people are artists and to perform is why they exist.

Toward the end there are interesting things like the forming of Nash Editions, a company using ink jet printers to produce photographic works, it was pioneering work and still operates 25 years later with the original printer used  in the Smithsonian Institute.

A very good rock autobiography showing that nothing comes easy and you only have true success with hard work.

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