Wednesday, June 18, 2014

EVIL AND THE MASK - Fuminori Nakamura

"When Fumihiro Kuki is eleven years old, his elderly, enigmatic father calls him into his study for a meeting. "I created you to be a cancer on the world," his father tells him. It is a tradition in their wealthy family: a patriarch, when reaching the end of his life, will beget one last child to cause misery in a world that cannot be controlled or saved. From this point on, Fumihiro will be specially educated to learn to create as much destruction and unhappiness in the world around him as a single person can."

With an introduction like that I thought I was in for something startling but instead got a tale of obsession that moved rather slowly and then faded away to nothing.  It was very strange, its got some good descriptive writing but as a thriller it was a disappointment. Weird.

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