Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TRUE CONFESSIONS - John Gregory Dunne

How I've missed this book for the last 37 years is beyond me.  This will be one of my books of the year. Set in L.A. in the 1940's post WWII  a woman is found cut in two and drained of blood.

One of the investigating officers is Detective Thomas Spellacy , who has a brother Monsignor Desmond Spellacy.  Their lives cross during the investigation due to business and personal involvement  with the Irish Catholic business men, criminals and both who are their friends and enemies.

This is the best written example I've seen of Irish Catholic families,( we are the same everywhere) and having spent half my life in the police I have rarely seen the black humour and infighting set out so well.

The interaction between the two brothers and their demons is so compelling that the solving of the murder is something that happens but its not whats drove me as a reader.

This is a very good novel and deserves to be to read as such not just a murder mystery which is a genre that the snobs tend to ignore.  Fantastic and I was sorry it finished.

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