Monday, December 21, 2015

THE FOURTH OF JUNE - David Benedictus

From ValanCourt Books:

" David Benedictus was only twenty-three when this shock-filled, highly controversial first novel was published in 1962.  In "The Fourth of June", Benedictus shoows what it was like to have attended Eton College, one of England's prestigious schools.  Among its hallowed buildings, a boy is savagely beaten into paralysis by his House Captain, a bishop spends his evenings spying on a Chaplin's half dressed daughter, and a housemaster is seduced by a desperate mother.  Condemned by some reviewers as a farrago of sex, snobbery, and sadism................"

This is an excellent read, brutal; its satire taken to the nth degree which is the best kind.  I found it after reading a biography on Guy Burgess who stated it was a favourite as he lived out his life in Russia.


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