Saturday, November 5, 2016


"When veteran agent Steadfast Haynes quietly dies in a Washington hotel room, few seem to notice or even care.  But official indifference turns quickly to panic when it's discovered that Hayne's son, a Los Angeles homicide detective turned actor, has been offered $100,000 for his fathers memoirs, sight unseen- by an anonymous bidder".

Once again we have a superior story from Ross Thomas who was the master of the "political/intelligence caper" novel.  This has the the traits of all his books, great story, great characters, humour and violence in the right amount.

Thomas writes books that can be read many times, they are just fantastic, the only trouble being they are not available in New Zealand new.  They have been re-issued in the US however so they can be imported.

If you see any at second stores or book fairs, grab them because they are very hard to find

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