Sunday, January 8, 2017


"In the eerie green light of a sepulchral old museum of waxworks the French detective stumbles across the body of a young girl with a knife in her back placed in the arms of a sinister figure of the Satyr of the Seine.  That same morning the body of another young girl had been found stabbed in the back, floating on the Seine river."

From 1932 we have a  good mystery by John Dickson Carr aka Carter Dickson aka Carr Dickson aka Roger Fairbain aka "the master of the locked room mystery".

This isn't quite a locked room mystery but its a very good one with all the clues to the killer laid out before the reader.  The reader just has to take notes to track of the clues laid out for him.

Anything by Carr is worth reading and his books are still seen often in second hand stores, church fetes etc.

This isn't 'The Name of the Rose"  but its quality writing by a person who knew his stuff.

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