Sunday, March 19, 2017

CARDS ON THE TABLE - Agatha Christie

I enjoy a  good Agatha Christie, the accent is on "good" here, this is not a good one.

Five people are in a room. four are playing cards, one is observing; the observer is murdered  during the card game.  So, there are four suspects all who are believed to have previously murdered.  Poirot and an exceptionally dull policeman set out to find out the killer.

Even for a poor Christie this is ridiculous, it feels like it was dictated while she was peeling potatoes. There is even a character, a female writer of detective fiction who spends the entire book disparaging the genre.

The saving grace is this was a short read, one trip on the Interlander ferry saw it off and it was only finished as it was all I had to hand.

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