Sunday, April 23, 2017


"Hungry for adventure following the First World War, Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond begins a career as the invincible protectorate of his country.  He is sent racing off to investigate what at first looks like blackmail but turns out to be more complicated and dangerous.  The rescue of a kidnapped millionaire, found with his thumbs horribly mangles, leads Drummond to the discovery of a political conspiracy of awesome scope and villainy, masterminded by the ruthless Carl Peterson".

This is very good, published in 1920 it is the first of this series and you can see why Ian Fleming used these Sapper books as a blue print for his James Bond.

There is of course  amazing luck for our hero and his associates but this is fiction so you go along for the ride. The criminal mastermind is here as is the "femme fatale" along with the love interest for the hero, great fun to read.

Something that surprises me is how violent these books are given their time but thinking about it many readers were only two years out of the trenches so these stories are nothing to what they will have experienced.

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