Thursday, April 20, 2017

PERIL AT END HOUSE - Agatha Christie

' Accident Number Four:  the bullet that missed her head by inches.

But the would be murderer makes a grave mistake- he shoots at his victim within a dozen yards of Hercule Poirot.

Published in 1932 this is an above average Christie, she has good humour and general banter between Poirot and Hastings.  This was written before she got sick of her hero and started writing by rote.  The plot is clever and doesn't have an outlandish Christie cheat.

I've been reading these since I was about thirteen,  some are dross , some are great stories but  they are never too taxing and an all round fun read at the end of a busy day.

Fun fact about this copy, its a 1973 edition and the previous owner has put a plastic cover on it  like dear old mum used to have to on the school exercise books, so it is pristine,-who ever it was was a total fan.

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