Tuesday, May 2, 2017


"Far from the gentle slopes of the Hundred Acre Wood lies The Red House, the setting for A.A. Milne's only detective story, where secret passages, uninvited guests, a sinister valet and a puzzling murder lay the foundations for a classic crime caper.

When the local police prove baffled, it is up to a guest at a local inn to appoint himself 'Sherlock Holmes' and, together with his friend and loyal 'Watson', delve deeper into mysteries of the dead man."

The author, best known for writing the Winnie the Pooh books was hugely prolific as a writer who wrote one detective story and this is it from 1922.

This is just great fun, featuring the old 'English Country House' where someone gets murdered early on and then the mystery is solved by some nosy individual.

The nosy individual in this case is a complete amateur who happens along shortly after the killing,and drags in a friend to assist.

I was rapt to find a copy of this, I knew it existed but its not something you would see often in second hand stores.  I assume its available on Kindle so if you like this type of story I can recommend it.

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