Thursday, August 26, 2010

SHUTTER ISLAND - Dennis Lehane

This is the first book of Lehane's I have read and after finishing it, I will track down more.

The story has US Marshall Teddy Daniels and his partner travelling to a mental asylum situated on Shutter Island to assist with the re-capture of a missing patient.

They find that the patients are subject to drug experiments and experimental surgery and all is not what it seems.

I figured out what was happening half way through the book but it's that well written it does not detract from the tale.

It is genuinely creepy and keeps it up until the last page. Recommended

BANGKOK 8 - John Burdett

This a nice little mystery. The conceit is the story is told through the eyes of a Thai detective attempting to solve the murder of a U S Marine and his policing partner.

There is a lot of cultural insight with the hero being Thai. This is ambitious of the author with him not being native although he has spent many years in the east.

The tale takes us through the bars and back alleys of Bangkok, through the sex trade and those involved.

At the end we meet a very nasty villain. This is well worth the effort, clever and well written.