Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This is the third and final part of Edmund Morris's wonderful biography of Theodore Roosevelt.

This volume covers the years following his Presidency until his death in 1919.

His safari through Africa collecting specimans and hunting shows a man with a total inability to sit still,where many would just rest on their laurels, he was active continually.

There are the details of his attempt to secure a third term as a Progressive candidate. This attempt failed and this was the only part of the book that dragged for me. It is pure politics with all the machinations that big party machines bring to elections.

This is followed by his explorations in South America . This journey weakened him badly and added to the causes that lead to his premature death.

He was just a phenomenal human being, he never wasted a minute of his time,Police Commissioner, President of the United States, the most famous man in the world, author of 40 books, father of six, husband of two and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

He suffered tragedy in his personal life and suffered from ill health himself, but this never stopped him at all, it just seemed to make himself drive harder.

This volume like the previous two are not hagiographies, Roosevelt had many faults and was a great self promoter but these are small faults when all that he acheived is looked at.

Inconclusion he throughly deserves his place on Mount Rushmore. One of the greatest Presidents'.

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