Saturday, January 21, 2012

CHARLOTTE GRAY - Sebastian Faulks

In 1942 Charlotte Gray, a young Scottish woman is parachuted in France to assist another intelligence agent who struggles with the language. She then stays on to look for her lover, a RAF pilot who is missing in action.

The books concentrates on the occupants of the village where she bases herself, Lavaurette. There is very little in regards direct wartime action but rather its all about the personalities of these people as circumstances change, some for the better some for the worst.

It is a harrowing read in places due to the fact that the weakness's and ignorance of people lead directly to the deaths of some of their fellow villagers. As the book says 'evil is easy'.

Reading this I didn't realise how keen the French were on bundling their Jewish neighbours off to the concentration camps, sadly they were very keen indeed.

This story has a basis in fact and I  believe  people should never be allowed to forget the monstrosity that was Nazism , that is why quality writing like this on the subject is needed.

Not a relaxing read but worth the effort. (Published 1998)

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