Sunday, November 18, 2012

PREDICAMENT - Ronald Hugh Morrieson

Young  15 year old Cedric lives in a small New Zealand town with his grandmother and mad father.  During the holidays he meets up with 19 year old Mervyn who is very sophisticated in the ways of the world and criminal activity.

Before long Cedric realises that Mervyn is no good but because he is already involved in a blackmail scheme with him he has to appear to go along.

We have a wonderful story ,great story telling, with murder and lots of humanity.

I've read three of Morriesons novels and they are all fantastic.  This is the best of them in that technically he has got so much better than the earlier efforts.

The story is written in a strong New Zealand vernacular and is set in the 1930's but no one from anywhere should be put off by this, it is great writing.

It is a crime that he has not ever been taught in New Zealand schools, he's been dead for 40 years and has received no recognition as one of the best New Zealand ever produced.

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