Tuesday, December 17, 2013


This is a really well written story descriptively as well as in  the way it is told.  For me its not a stunningly brilliant book that will stay with me forever but worth the effort.

What it did do for me was highlight what a stunning screenplay "Apocalypse Now" is. I'm not one for comparing books with films but how the three credited with the screenplay managed to interweave this book into their movie is brilliant.

I assume Michael Herr did most of the serious writing.  There is lots of his book "Dispatches" in the movie as well.  But little subtle bits are lifted out of this work. The throwing of the helms mans body into the river with no thought translates to the execution of the Vietnamese woman in the sampan.  The Russian to Dennis Hopper.

A good book, its written of its time and I doubt you will find better writing when describing a jungle anywhere.

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