Sunday, November 1, 2015

TRIGGER MORTIS - Anthony Horowitz

The latest in a series of 'James Bond' re-boots written by guest authors and its not bad.  The story is set three weeks after the end of 'Goldfinger' with Bond back in London have a break with Pussy Galore the unrivaled female lead name in the series for making school boys giggle.

Bond goes Formula 1 racing at the  Nurburgring as you do and goes up against SMERSH directly who have a dastardly plot to cause havoc as usual.

Horowitz writes in the Fleming style well, this is much better than the last Bond book by William Boyd.  There is a good villain who perhaps could have done with a bit more air time in the book but good escapists fun and Horowitz should get another outing.  The proviso on this is, as long as he doesn't attempt to do with the Bond series anything like he did with Sherlock Holmes in "Moriarty'.

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