Saturday, June 11, 2016

THE PIANOPLAYERS - Anthony Burgess

The story of Ellen Henshaw, born before the 1st World War and that of her father, who scrapes a living playing in silent movie houses.

The first part of this book is the adventures of travelling about getting work, having her father drink or womanize himself out of work.

This part is autobiographical in that this was how Burgess's father made a living from when Burgess was an infant.

The second part of the story is how Henshaw goes on to become one of Europe's most sort after courtesan's and then on to running a string of 'Schools of Love' in Europe and Asia.

This is entertaining, a bit creepy where its related how Henshaw is seduced by a paedophile but a light read with Burgess's humour interspersed throughout.

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