Wednesday, May 9, 2012

THE OVERLOOK - Michael Connelly

This a 'Harry Bosch' novel, generally a guarantee that it will be value for money.

I picked it up and at first thought I'd got a large print edition as there seemed to be about 12 words to the page.  I read it and as I was doing so it seemed really lightweight because generally Connelly writes something that's not too throw away.  The further I got into it the more it felt like it was a short story that had been padded out.

So, when I finished it there was no surprise to see at the back of my edition that it was originally a story that had been serialized for the New York Times Sunday Magazine and had been "re-visited" (padded out no less ) by the author and put out as a book.

Tacky and very disappointing -  as for the story well, there's a murder and radioactive material is stolen and it turns out the the entire FBI has no idea, the entire Los Angeles Police Department has no idea -  Harry being the only one to figure it out.

Connelly does this every now and again , writes some utter tripe and then redeems himself ,but this is poor, really poor.  (2007)

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