Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Don Cubbin is the president of a near million member labour union and there is a challenger for the position at the next election. With the job comes riches and admittance to the real power in Washington.

It opens up the corruption that is endemic when at this level of politics.

This is a world Thomas knew well as a labour organisor and Campaign Organiser for political candidates seeking office.

Once again the master gives us intrigue, sex, greed and some of the best descriptions of men hungering for power you will ever find.  Most of them are vile humans, totally selfish.

Even for Thomas this is brilliant, as always there are great characters with sparkling dialogue  plus, the unfaithful wife, the hitman and the Washington power brokers pulling the strings.

As always  Thomas can't be recommended highly enough, but again for some reason this is out of print, astonishing with writing of this quality.


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