Tuesday, April 30, 2013


A public / private snatch operation of a terrorist leader on Gibralter goes badly wrong with civilians being killed.

Three years later one of the members of the operation approaches others involved to assist in going public with events as he has been hung out to dry by his masters.

From here the 'system" begins to close in on the three who have decided to bring the failed operation to public attention.

The book has a very small cast of characters but the way it is written there is a continual build up of tension right to the end. It almost a 'tilting at windmills' tale as three or four men decide to follow their conscience rather than take easy options which are made to them.

A great cameo from a character called 'Brigid' fantastic dialogue from her.

All in all it shows that Mr Cornwell still has what it takes to write a decent thriller even though he is becoming more overt and much less subtle in a dislike for certain aspects of government.

Not a huge book or a long read but money well spent.

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