Saturday, April 27, 2013

BLUE RONDO - John Lawton

This 'Inspector Troy" is a drop in quality to the previous two I have read. Its a straight crime story which revolves around dismembered bodies turning up around London in the mid- 1950's. This story does not have the involvement from the intelligence agencies that "Old Flames" and " A Little White Death" had.

Lawton somehow managers to involves every female character that Troy has ever been involved with in this story. It's almost a bit too try hard, I mean all the women from the previous books put in an appearance. This aspect of the book involves one truly bizzare episode which I can honestly say I have never come across in a mainstream novel involving the main character and I am still struggling to come up with a reason for it being in the book . I won't put here what this episode involves but I'd be interested to hear from other readers what they thought about it when they came across it.

Anyway, its not a bad read just not as good as the others, its very well written,strong and interesting characters. A good solid police procedural, nothing more.

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