Monday, January 2, 2017


"The story of Victor Frankenstein, a young student, who learns the secret of imparting life.  Armed with this secret, he constructs a creature out of parts of the corpses he manages to obtain from churchyards and dissecting rooms.

Once animated, the creature longs for human contact, but finds himself shunned by all...."

This is nothing like the hundreds of movie and TV incarnations of the 'Monster'. In this book Frankenstein is as much a monster as his creature- a tale of vanity and misplaced ambition which results in a terrible revenge on innocents. This revenge is the most cold blooded and directed I've ever read, this is the terrifying thing about the entire book; calculated revenge, the worst type.

The moral for me -always pay your bills.

Well worth reading, this is a well known book written by a 21 year old, a feat of imagination.

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