Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I discovered Rankin and 'Rebus' right at the start and followed the series right to the end and apart from a couple of wee moans the entire nineteen novels were great crime writing.

Then Rankin retired Rebus and then the trouble began.

The trouble being he has started a new series with a new cop who is the exact opposite of Rebus.  'Malcolm Fox' works for the Complaints Section in that he locks up other cops ( my prejudice shows here because I hated these bastards when I was a lowly constable)- Fox doesn't drink, Rebus drank like a fish - its almost like Rankin sat down with a chart and drew up a list of what Rebus was and then went completely contrary.

Then to the story, Fox is called to investigate a policeman who is suspected of being involved in a child pornography ring, but then gets involved professionally with this detective after his sister's boyfriend is murdered and Fox ends up quite liking him, and so on and so forth...........

To say I was disappointed in this is a understatement of mammoth proportions, its over wrought ,its convoluted and worst of all its tedious.

Please Ian Rankin, timeshift some Rebus stories because 'Fox' is not the detective who you should be remembered by. (Published 2009)

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