Monday, October 8, 2012

ALICE IN LA LA LAND - Robert Campbell

The rich beautiful  wife of a television personality searches out our hero 'Whistler'- a private eye- because she believes her husband his trying to have her killed.

Once you get past the obvious question, why would this rich beautiful woman search out a PI who is not very successful and spends his days in a Hollywood coffee shop you get a story that's not bad, although it could have been trimmed by 50 pages with a bit of ruthless editing which would have made no  difference to the story.

You get  murder, sex and a twist at the end that you can see coming but you need to finish the story just to make certain you're right.

A story of a very seedy Los Angeles where the rich are good at using the less financially endowed and are used to getting away with 'murder'.  (1987)

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