Monday, October 8, 2012


This is just one of J J Marric's ( John Creasey) 600 novels, yep 600 he wrote during his life time.  Its a day in the life of Superintendent Gideon of the Metropolitan Police.

It covers several seemingly unrelated events, and some of them are unrelated, in this day which includes child murder, armed robbery and general violence.

Its a police procedural in the truest sense, no great heroics just solid police work and of course the luck needed to solve the crimes.

Its a nice read showing all concerned as human.  Its of its time ( mid 50's) but still readable.

I read lots of Creasey as a teenager ( The Toff, especially) and he's still worth the effort when you come across anything he wrote at book-fairs or second hand stores who have the sense to buy his stuff.

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