Monday, May 8, 2017


" Julian Symons provides a stylish spin-off from the Sherlockian revival.  It tells of a fading actor playing the Great Detective in a television series who persuades himself that by following in the master's  footsteps he can solve a string of apparently unrelated murders:  the Karate Killings."

Once you get past the absurdity of the 'hero's fantasy you are still left with a quite absurd story filled with very unsympathetic characters.

This story was published in 1975 and I assume written just prior and as a 70's book its full of slang particular to that time i.e 'birds' 'poofs'.  Language that has been consigned to the rubbish dump as it should be.  I read lots of books published much earlier and they sound more contemporary than this.

So this is a short 'entertainment' which I would recommend giving a miss.  Evidently the author wrote many mysteries that come highly recommended but this is all a bit silly plus its solvable three quarters of the way through.

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