Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Bill Masen wakes up in hospital expecting his eyes to have their bandages removed and his sight restored after being struck in the face by a poisonous plant.

What he is initially unaware of is that the previous night the majority of the worlds population had viewed a meteor shower.  This next morning the majority of the worlds population are permanently blind, million upon millions of his fellow citizens are blind.

Being one of the few people still with sight he sees civilization break down within days.

To add to what is already the end of the world as it was known deadly plants with the ability to walk called 'Triffids" are killing anyone who comes within range of them.

This book tells the story of the sighted few and their survival, battling the plants, plague and each other, knowing that they have to start the human race again.  Countries and races no longer exist, the devastation has caused such a loss of life that all there are is humans.

I remember hearing this as a radio drama when I was a kid and it was scary.  I've just read the book as a 56 year old and its scary.  The most unsettling for me is the blindness, something I dread.

This is an outstanding book, there are a few questions asked by the author that some would say are particularly relevant to the world today, the way we treat the planet etc, but mostly this is just a thrilling read.  Its so good it must be due to be made into a movie again and have the story completely destroyed.

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