Friday, April 28, 2017


" Sir John Phillips, the Harley Street surgeon, and his beautiful nurse Jane Harden are almost too nervous to operate.  The emergency case on the table before them is the Home Secretary- and they both have very good, personal reasons to wish him dead.

Within hours he does die, although the operation was a complete success, and Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn must find out why....".

This is a good solid who dunnit from Ngaio Marsh, she writes very well and the cheat, i.e. the clue that would have given the reader a chance, is no where as outrageous as something Agatha Christie would throw in.  The reader can have an educated guess but without a bit of missing information , that's all it is,a guess.

As always, very entertaining for those of us who like our detective fiction from a simpler, more well mannered time.

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